Our Family Researchers

Our Family Researchers

With the noted exceptions, below is the list of current users of our site.    Everyone has the right to Author – you can write up stories of your family members.   (Please try to link them to the appropriate pages – or if you don’t know how, send me an email and ask for help.)

I would love to see more of you getting involved and playing on these pages. So, in order to try to get you going, I issue the following challenge:

Write a 250-500 word story about one of your favorite Dexter relatives-alive or not. Link it to their appropriate page. (Again, ask me how – I can easily show you if you can’t find it or if it hasn’t yet been created).

If you have photos, add them and include them (just one or two) into your story.  If it is a relative or ancestor who is not currently on our website as yet, then I will go through the process of setting up their linking page.

I know you are all busy – but are you too busy to participate and bring something new in?  This is a lot different than our old family site, but it has so many options we can take advantage of.  I hope a few of you will try to jump in and learn how to use it.  I’m only a Skype, Facebook message or email/phone call away!

Happy Christmas, everyone!


Alan King (Our favorite Spelthorne Historian and “cousin by proxy”)

Located in England, Alan connected with Connie by reaching out to her after she posted a question to the Middlesex-L on Rootsweb.   Alan was doing walking tours of the Spelthorne/Staines area and kept seeing the Dexter name crop up.

Alma Meredith*  (From Keifer family)

Alma is interested in the Keifer family connection.  Keifers are Connie’s grandmother’s family and Alma’s connection is through her grandmother, (who was Connie’s great aunt) Florence Keifer Smith; sister to Connie’s grandmother Phyllis Lucile Keifer Rutherford.

Anne Gilbert-Horner (Huston Clan)

Bill Guest (Dexter clan) 

Connie Spicer (Dexter clan)

David Dexter (Dexter clan)

Doug Dexter (Dexter clan)

George Dexter (Dexter clan)

Jeremy Dexter (Dexter clan)

Joseph “Joe” Dexter (Dexter clan)

Karen Smith*  (From Keifers)

Karen is also interested in the Keifer family connection.  Keifers are Connie’s grandmother’s family and Karen, like Alma’s connection is through her grandmother, Florence Keifer Smith.  Karen and Alma’s fathers were twin brothers – Gene and Glen Smith.

Kenneth Dexter (Dexter clan)

Malc Dexter (Dexter clan)

Nick Nartsissov (Dexter clan)

Paul Cox (Dexter clan)

Peyton Dexter (Dexter clan)

Roger Connelly (Dexter clan)

Scott Dexter (Dexter clan)

Sue Krause (Dexter clan)

2 thoughts on “Our Family Researchers”

  1. Hi Connie
    Thank you for adding me.
    My grandmother was Eleaner Elizabeth Harvey Dexter (1911-1998), the daughter of Alfred Dexter (1886-1911) & Elizabeth Harvey Kerley.
    I have bought a copy of the “A Fleury Business” book, could someone give me just a quick idea of how closely I am related to the people in that?
    Merry Christmas one and all, from England!

    1. You are actually quite closely related to Kenneth Dexter, Paul – and also to George Dexter, by my reckoning. I’m sending you 3 printouts. These are images from my Ancestry gedcom. Open Lewis to Kenneth Dexter first, so you can see them initially. Print them out for your ease. On the left-hand side, the last entry/ies include “Bertha Dexter”. The next file to open is Lewis to Thomas H. Dexter. If you print it, you can match Bertha on the right to the first print with Bertha on the left. On to number 3 – and open Lewis to Alfred. There are only a few entries until we see Alfred, highlighted. Again, if you print and overlay this to the previous, you’ll match up with Thomas H. Dexter on the right to the Thomas H. on the left of the 2nd image. And while this all seems a bit broad, consider that these are the children (and spouses) from just ONE Dexter family… and you will see that you are only just removed from George and from Kenneth… and from David Leonard as well if you search closely enough.

      Stick around. If you really have the interest, we are more than happy to help you draw the lines and put them all together. PS-if you have some Dexter photos to share, that would be wonderful. We are always on the hunt for family information and love to discover and share your family with ours. We are all pretty normal (I’d guess!) and there is plenty here and in our private files to share back and forth.

      If you (or anyone) need any help in working with this website format, please let me know. I would be very happy to “have a class” or two for anyone who is interested in learning how to post articles, photos and more.

      Much love, Happy New Year, and welcome to the site!

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