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Joining The Dexter Genealogy Website

Are you interested in joining in on the Dexter Genealogy website fun?  Would you like to improve the data on your family line or submit articles for posting about your related branch or twig?

Please send an email to “” and let us know how you would like to use the page. You must also be directly related to the Dexter family (or one of the immediate associated families.  Should your branch not yet be connected, we will still work with you on it!)

We would love to have your images (with your credits, of course — we share, but we don’t take!)  You will always be the author of your own content. If you need help, just let us know and we’ll work with you to get an answer and to help you get set up and started; or you can write it in your favorite format and we can upload it for you to the site with your own byline.

So, as a way to get you acclimated, below are just a few guidelines.  I may have forgotten some, or there may be some that need tweaking — don’t be afraid to let me know if you have a different, better or just alternate ideas.  Nothing wrong with being honest.  After all, we ARE family!

General Rules:

As a member, you agree that you will not harvest data to use for your own research and claim it or use it if it is not your own.  You agree to request, in writing, the use of any such data by the person who authored, submitted, photographed it or otherwise created or holds the information you wish to use. They, in turn, may request a small fee for the use of the data since some of it may have been purchased by them or obtained by them in person and at their own expense.  The dates, submissions and authorship of each item are built into the site, so the copyright information can easily be determined.  All Articles, Photos, Document photocopies and other submitted material are copyrighted to the person who submits them. (*Please see final disclaimer below).

You will post information that is pertinent to our family history, its context to history and/or your own family articles.  They may be privately submitted and password protected, but after 25 years, may be made available to the membership if you do not make your wishes known.  You are NOT REQUIRED to post anything, however, if you should, it should fall underneath a specific category or you may request a new category be created by the web administrators.

You agree not to post anything that is inflammatory, derogatory, flames another, contains profanity or obscene materials.  Any such material will be removed without notice.

Other rules may be posted over time and we will attempt to let you know what those rules are as we create them.  We will ask for input before they are finalized, but it will be an effort to make sure all are protected and that the family site is an enjoyable place for all members to visit and learn about our kin.

*Disclaimer: This site was built from data created by the core group of Dexter Researchers looking into the Staines family lineages that contains the following individuals: Connie Dexter Spicer, Alan King, Roger Connelly, William Guest, Noel Bye, David L. Dexter, David V. Dexter, George Dexter, Joseph Dexter, Tony Dexter, Kenneth Dexter, Malcolm Robert and Malc Dexter, Sue Krause, Karen Coppess and others, each of whom have made important contributions through their own research under the old “Dexters International” website.  When shut those sites down, some information could not be harvested but still belongs proprietorially to one or more of the above named individuals.  We will make every effort to identify and make corrections to the information that was submitted then, however, it is inevitable that errors will occur.  Please notify us if you see any of this information that is not properly credited!

Thank you for asking for more information!  See you on the site!

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