Dexter Family Genealogy

Edward and Josephine (Swan) Dexter family
Edward and Josephine (Swan) Dexter family

Welcome to our new website.  This site is about the Dexter family that came out of Staines, Middlesex, England and prior to that (from what we have learned) Nottinghamshire.  Beyond that is the wall we will work from.  We will also work with associated families that tie in to this direct line, so that even if you aren’t one of “my” directs, you have a direct association which matters and should be included.  I hope you will take the time to add to, edit and upload some of your own family data to make this a fully collaborative effort.

From time to time, I’ll ask for input and will work to implement changes.  Right now though, before we all get too involved, I am working to make sure that the site will have the functionality we need to continue researching and improving the knowledge we have about our family.

You will be able to add commentary and more as we go along and I will be doing all I can to protect the website and each of you from being hacked or otherwise having issues with the website.

Because much of what we have here came from the efforts of those of us who were involved with the Dexter International Website (a product, which was closed by that organization) I want to add this disclaimer:, the parent company to, completely closed ALL of their MyFamily websites in order to make room for other products and services on their servers.  It is believed that ALL anecdotal information with the exceptions of the photographs and very few bits I was able to harvest, are gone permanently.  The only things that were permitted to be downloaded away from the original sites were all the photographs.  WITH THAT IN MIND, please be aware that I acknowledge that there are photos and documents that are not “mine”; and I had no part in their creation.  They are part of this database as soon as I can upload them here, I will do so.  SHOULD YOU run across a photo or document that you prepared, researched or in any way created, please let me know at once so I can give you the proper credit.  It is in no way my design nor interest to take property that isn’t mine and as such if I can’t remember who submitted an item, I will say so. Do claim that which is yours.  I apologize for the inconvenience, unfortunately, there was no way to prevent this, as far as I am aware.

Thank you for your understanding. I will continue to monitor and try to provide you a website we can all be proud to view, support and promote, and to include those of our kith and kin as may be interested in it.

Please let me know if you have any issues whatsoever – you can email me directly at 

Love to all,

Connie (Dexter) Spicer

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