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I have always had an interest of who was related to who etc. When I got my first computer back in 2007 my interest rapidly grew in family genealogy. Much of the leg work had been done by other members of the Dexter family but on checking that information I found couple of mistakes that only heightened my interest. I have a lateral thinking mind and it was this that helped to smash through the brick wall that the family had found built around George and Mary

New material to be added soon

Hi everyone

I will be adding a history of Staines that I have been working on along with profiles of the members in the direct lineage from Thomas Dexter of 1670 to myself of 1954. This has formed part of a massive undertaking by myself to write as comprehensive a family history as possible from my perspective. This work is nearing completion and will be added to this site in the near future

George Dexter (1954 version)


We welcome you to this the new site for the genealogy for the Dexter and its associated families. ¬†As you will find out this is very different from our old ‘MyFamily’ site and it is with gratitude that we must thank Connie Dexter Spicer for her hard work and endeavours in getting this site up and working to the extent that she has.

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