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Happy New Year 2015, Friends and Family!

We are all busy people, right, so it would be nice to have the option to reach folks as soon as possible.  Should you want to request information, have a problem with the site or just in general need some other guidance here, feel free to email us at:  (don’t worry, caps are not necessary.  I only put them in to make it easier to read)

Or if you want to make a phone call, my number is (772) 226-0277.

You can also join our mailing list or ask a question using the form below, so don’t be shy, join in the fun.  We don’t submit a new article every day, but we do review email because we enjoy learning about this family!

Connie (Dexter) Spicer

Connie Jean Dexter Spicer
Connie Jean Dexter Spicer, 2014

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