From February 8, 2000

Tyler & Family’s Happenings – Feb 8, 2000


Mommy and Daddy have been in the longest search for a new home for our newest family member.   Our search has been bittersweet along the way.   Currently we are staying with Jim’s mother, Peggy and her husband Wayne until a suitable home for us is found.

Tyler on the other hand is growing like a weed.   At his last check-up (Jan. 3) He was 23 in. and 18 lbs. 13 oz.   He is eating solids now, mostly peas, sweet potatoes, squash, and occasional bananas.   His next Dr. appointment is March 3.

We suspect the process of teething is beginning.   He is creeping—- Backwards and in circles (like his Daddy I’m told)—- he can almost roll over, if he got the bottom arm out of the way and he can sit UNASSISTED for a whole 3 minutes!!! As you can well see Mommy and Daddy are very excited and exhausted as taking care of a 5 mo. old, work and house hunting takes a lot out of anyone.

Take care,
Love, Hugs, n Sloppy Tyler kisses,
Lillian, Jim, and Tyler Turner

  – Feb 8, 2000

When I got home from work this evening, I found out Tyler FINALLY rolled over by himself. :))))))))))

Anne Kinser – Feb 9, 2000

I think its wonderful news &the part about tyler is soo cute. I would love to baby-sit for you at any time (not during school hours of course:))


Mom Dexter – Feb 11, 2000

Welcome to the world of parenthood.   Tag!   You are it.   Love Nanna

Dexter Family International (MyFamily) Threads

While I could not retain and download all of the very many threads we had accumulated over 15 years, the threads I will be attaching on this set of posts will be the personal anecdotes, commentary and speculation specifically from the Dexters International family website that we had built.  Right now, with foot surgery keeping me off my feet for the next few weeks, it seems the perfect time to begin posting these threads.  These will be nested here in the appropriate category.

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